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i am using Cisco Catalyst 2960,

i can access switch using Command Prompt, by using telnet, ex : "telnet" then it will ask password, i will type password then command prompt is changed to switch mode then i will give some commands, intern switch will respond it back,

now, i want to do that using Java programming, my Java programming should only ask commands and display results

who to do that....???

if anything is wrong let me know where i am wrong....

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You should look for library like Telnet client library

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Take a look at http://javassh.org/space/start It is a library that implements telnet in java. This should be a lot easier than writing socket code directly.

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You could use Apache Commons Net which provides a telnet client.

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The Java Tutorials - All About Sockets is a good starting point.

And this Telnet Client Library could be useful.

Here's an SO-question on the subject: Telnet Java Socket Test which have an answer referring to the Apache Telnet Client Library

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