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I have a model "Category" with fields: name, homepage. Next I want to get all records:

categories = Category.all

And I want to add an additional temporary parameter "url" for each record. So I want this:

categories[0].url = ""

puts categories[0].url #=>

So how to add a temporary additional parameter? Thanks in advance!

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You can add usual attr_accessor to your model.

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base

  attr_accessor :url
  # other stuff

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If by "temporary" you mean an object instance property that won't be persisted, just use attr_accessor like a normal Ruby object.

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If I understand you correctly, you want a Category object to have a non-database attribute when it’s passed to the view for rendering?

You can add an attribute that isn’t stored in the database, add this to app/models/category.rb:

attr_accessor :url
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Thank you very much. I've wanted to do metaprogramming, but it was so easy with attr_accessor! – Noah May 14 '12 at 11:11

I searched forever for this, and I'm not sure why this answer was so hard to find. It's temporary, won't persist in the db, won't be added to the object's actual class...

This is ONLY for adding an attribute to this object:

@object[:new_attr] = value

So in your example...

@categories = Category.all
@categories.each do |cat|
    cat[:url] = "myUrl"
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Wrong. This is raising: ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError – Quentin Rousseau Apr 8 '15 at 0:13

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