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When I'm building the Facebook framework for ARC on iOS, the login dialog is opening in Safari instead of a separate dialog.

What can I do to get this to open in a separate dialog, and not in Safari when building for ARC?

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Before compiling facebook api file open facebook.m file then go to the method [facebook authorize:nil]; and set [self authorizeWithFBAppAuth:NO safariAuth:NO]; and then compile it.

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After making changes as described by Khoool i.e. [self authorizeWithFBAppAuth:NO safariAuth:NO] in Facebook.m located in the src folder which is in facebook-ios-sdk a great reference for including the modified facebook-ios-sdk into your Xcode project and performing the compilation is: http://nabtech.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/facebook-ios-sdk-and-arc/

Note: Notepad++ can be used to make the change on line 336 of the Facebook.m file before adding to the Xcode project and compiling.

Before finding this stackoverflow solution I was using techniques that involved compiling build_facebook_ios_sdk_static_lib.sh. Using this technique for ARC does not make the Facebook.m file visible so that the change [self authorizeWithFBAppAuth:NO safariAuth:NO] can be made.

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