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Is it possible to Sync Files only in one way but detecting the changes on both sides.

So If the destination File is changed, the next sync should overwrite the file.

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ootb, no.

by default it will only send changes detected at the source. if the source and target were both changed, then you get a conflict which you can resolve by overwriting the destination. if only source wasnt change, it wont send the file, irregardless of whether the destination is changed or not.

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One way around this would be to use the sync framework to check if there are changes, but to use a different method (like WCF) to move the content from server to client. This would mean you could detect changes at both ends, and then use event handlers to create a list of files that you want to send across

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It sounds like what you really want is to mirror a set of files. If you can use windows file sharing between your source and destination, robocopy would be an excellent solution for you. Robocopy is a utility built into windows. has a mirror option that would probably do what you want fairly easily (the /MIR switch). This will reset the destination to match the source no matter what changes have occurred on the destination.

Here is a link that should get you started looking into robocopy.

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