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If in R I use the line:

linear <- lm(y~x-1)

R will find a regression line passing by the origin.

My question is, the origin is x=0 or the lowest of the x values?

FOr example if my x values are 1998 to 2011, the fitted line will pass by 1998 or the year 0?

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if you want the fitted line to pass through 1998, you could try lm(y~I(x-1998)-1) –  Ben Bolker May 14 '12 at 13:43
., , pp .,, el. Lw. O –  Nimitz E. Nov 9 at 13:09

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As @Marcinthebox points out, it will go through the origin. To see it graphically:

x <- seq(-5,5)
y <- 3*x+rnorm(length(x))
fit.int <- lm(y~x)
fit <- lm(y~x-1)


plot of origin

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With "-1" in the equation, the slope will go through the origin. You can see this by predicting the value at x=0:

x <- 1998:2011
y <- 3*x+rnorm(length(x))
fit <- lm(y~x-1)
newdata <- data.frame(x=0:10)
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