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I am using Dynamics AX 2012 Hyper-V image and Dynamics AX client works perfectly. But my EP home page is not coming up. It gives an error like below.

Message: An unhandled error has occurred. To view details about this error, enable debugging in the web.config file or view the Windows event logs.

URL i am using is http://sharepoint/sites/DynamicsAx/default.aspx

I also modified the Hosts file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc by adding these 2 lines.              Sharepoint    

I restarted the App pool and web site in the IIS. Event Viewer is event less. What else can i do? help!!

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You would need to modify the web.config in order to display the entire error and callstack. You could also try use this little solution that makes it a bit more easy to turn off and on debugging:

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