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This is a part of macro:

  %let mvTableName = "MyTable";

  proc append base = &mvTableName data = TEMP_TABLE;

And i can't find table in WORK :\

After that i check creation of table.

  data &mvTableName; 

And see in log: Dataset MyTable ...

But when i change string %let mvTableName=MyTable;

I see this log: Dataset WORK.MyTable ..

How it can be explained?

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If you are going to use mvTableName as an input for a DATA= option, don't include double quotes

Assuming MyTable and Temp_table are SAS data sets in the WORK library...this should work.

%Let mvTableName=MyTable;
Proc Append base=&mvTableName data=temp_table;


Data &mvTableName;

Creates an empty data set...so mvTableName would be overwritten with an empty data set.

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thanks! but what happen, when i use quotes? – gaussblurinc May 14 '12 at 14:30
In macro variable assignment everything after the = until the ; is assigned to the macro variable...unlike a data step variable assignment which will not include the quotes. The quotes were being included in the BASE= statement...which is incorrect. It is rare (some would say it should never happen) that quotes are used in a macro variable assignment. If you need quotes in your statement...just wrap the macro var. Be sure to use double quotes or the macro variable will not resolve. – CarolinaJay65 May 14 '12 at 17:22

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