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Is there a way to allow enum or const as method argument in PHP. In Qt/C++ you could use it like this, but ofcourse C++ supports that (language dependant).


enum PeerVerifyMode {

void setPeerVerifyMode(QSslSocket::PeerVerifyMode mode);

I PHP I tried this:


class Controller_My
  const MENU_FRONT   = 0;
  const MENU_SESSION = 1;

  public function render($menu_model)
    $menu_model = intval($menu_model);

    if( $menu_model === 0 )
      $menu = new Model_Menu_Front();

    if( $menu_model === 1 )
      $menu = new Model_Menu_Session();

I've read also this post how to use constant from class as argument definition in php function?. But even with interface/implements solution if you are paranoined you use switch/if statement. Like this:

class EmployeeType...
  int payAmount(Employee emp) {
    switch (getTypeCode()) {
        case ENGINEER:
           return emp.getMonthlySalary();
        case SALESMAN:
           return emp.getMonthlySalary() + emp.getCommission();
        case MANAGER:
           return emp.getMonthlySalary() + emp.getBonus();
           throw new RuntimeException("Incorrect Employee");
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Take a look at SplEnum and the user notes for an example.

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