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What is the correct way to define collection implementation using MyBatis. Consider example below. I want LinkedHashSet to be returned from mapping. Where should I specify Set implementation if I don't want to have LinkedHashSet hardcoded in mapping interface.

Mapping fragment :

<select id="selectAll" resultType="Language">
        <include refid="languageColumns"/>
    FROM language
    ORDER BY ord

Mapping interface :

public interface LanguageDAO {

    public Set<Language> selectAll();

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MyBatis converts the result to the return type of your method.

If you use a LinkedHashSet, it will create a LinkedHashSet. But if you specify a generic interface it will use a default implementation. In the case of Set I think it is a HashSet.

You can control that behaviour replacing the default ObjectFactory by your own one. Have a look at MyBatis DefaultObjectFactory.

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You point me in right direction. Anyway for someone with this problem you should use SortedSet interface as result instead of Set if you want it sorted. All this happens in DefaultObjectFactory as Diego mentioned. –  michal.kreuzman May 21 '12 at 11:46

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