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I'm trying to put a scrollable datatable inside of a rowExpansion tag, but the resulting datatable comes out all weird, like this:


<h:panelGrid id="display" columns="2" cellpadding="4"
             columnClasses="label, value">
    <h:outputText value="Registrerad:"/>
    <h:outputText id="registered" value="#{campaignOfferGroupView.formatDate(offerGroup.registerDate)}"/>

    <h:outputText value="Senast ändrad:"/>
    <h:outputText id="changeDate" value="#{campaignOfferGroupView.formatDate(offerGroup.changeDate)}"/>

    <h:outputText value="Ändrad av:"/>
    <h:outputText id="changedBy" value="#{offerGroup.changedBy}"/>

<p:dataTable var="campaignCode" value="#{campaignOfferGroupView.getCampaignCodesForGroup(}"
             scrollable="true" scrollHeight="120">
    <f:facet name="header">
        Kampanjkoder tillhörande kampanjerbjudandegruppen

    <p:column headerText="ID">

    <p:column headerText="Namn">

    <p:column headerText="Start">

    <p:column headerText="Stop">

Anyone have any idea why this is? If I remove the scrollable attribute the table looks fine: enter image description here

Incidentally, is there any way to remove the grey empty column created by a scrollable DataTable as seen in

EDIT: I have noticed that the ShowCase has column size fixed using the style attribute. I would rather avoid this if possible.

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