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I need a way of getting the "true-type" of an object or a class (in this case a generic-class).. for now all I get is a RuntimeType.. I have read all over the internet but I just cant find an answer that doesnt just return a RuntimeType..

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Why doesn't a RuntimeType suit you? What exactly do you think is the difference between “true-type” and RuntimeType? RuntimeType is the “true type”. – svick May 14 '12 at 14:31

System.RuntimeType is an internal concrete class that implements the abstract System.Type class. See the accepted answer to What's the difference between System.Type and System.RuntimeType in C#? for a good discussion. So, you see, as svick said in his comment, RuntimeType is the true type.

You can't find a way that doesn't return a RuntimeType object, because GetType() always returns a RuntimeType object. You will never be able to get a Type object that isn't an instance of some more-derived class, because Type is abstract.

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propertyinfo.PropertyType.GetGenericArguments() should give you a list of the generic arguments.
It is a list because a class can have more then 1 generic.
More info here :
and here

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I'm really not sure this is what's being asked. – svick May 14 '12 at 14:32

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