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I have a metro style app created from a Visual Studio 11 template. I created strings\en\Resources.resx and string\cs\Resources.resx. I have an English Windows 8 installation set to czech (cs) locale. When I run the application, English resources from strings\en\Resources.resx are always picked up. Date formatting is also in English locale (DateTime.ToString() showing English month names). When I delete strings\en\Resources.resx the string\cs\Resources.resx gets picked up and everything works just fine.

Can anyone help? I also tried to set the Neutral language in the assembly settings to Czech and edited DefaultLang in .csproj but nothing seems to work.

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I found this on MSDN:

Test the app for the other languages.

  1. Open the Control Panel, and select Clock, Language, and Region > Change display language.
  2. Note that the language that was displayed when you ran the app is the topmost language listed that is English, German, or French. If your topmost language is not one of these three, the app falls back to the next one on the list the app supports.
  3. If you do not have all three of these languages on your machine, add the missing ones by clicking Add a language and adding them to the list.
  4. To test the app with another language, select the language in the list and click Move up until it is at the top. Then run the app.

Hope this helps?

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you are right, my bad, system localce is something other that language priority – Igor Kulman May 15 '12 at 15:25
No problem, everyone can oversee something... – ChristiaanV May 16 '12 at 7:32

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