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I am using wkhtmltopdf to convert html to pdf.

I want to add header in every page, but it only shows up in the first page (table of contents). The command I am using is "C:\Program Files\wkhtmltopdf\wkhtmltopdf.exe" toc --xsl-style-sheet default.xsl --header-html header.html http://a-url-to-a-page.com "some\folder\outputs\output-%time:~0,2%-%time:~3,2%-%time:~6,2%.pdf"

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Shay Ben Moshe

EDIT: Finally solved, the problem was that --header-html should come before the table of contents related stuff...

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You can answer your own question if you solve it :) wkhtmltopdf is particular about the order of arguments given. –  Nenotlep Jul 12 '12 at 7:21

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