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We want to write operation logs in our application for all the operation being made to DataBase. The operation log should contain the operation info(the data being "add/modify/delete") and the result of the operation(success/failure). Since there are more number of action classees, adding the code to write operation log in each action class looks difficult. So I thought of writing this part of code in the Servlet Filter. But I have a problem here, I need to know the operation status(success/failure) but this is not possible in the filter with out parsing the response object. But parsing the response object looks difficult. Can you suggest any alternative way to do this?



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I think the best way to achieve this is to add some extra logging to the JDBC driver. In the past I used Log4JDBC project.

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If your application is AOP-based like Spring, then you can define aspects which can check for criteria like classes of a particular package, methods of a particular type (get/set/both). Using these aspects you can add logging.

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