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I wish to filter a collection returned by a service method. This filtering would involve calling another service method and hence I am not going for @PostFilter as it calls the SPEL expression inside the annotation for each element of the collection. Instead, I am using @PostAuthorize as follows :

List<UserInfo> getUsers(int userId);

In the canAssignToUser, I am trying to remove users from the return list passed to it. Apparently, this is a problem, and there is some restriction on modifying the returned list. How can I modify the returned list from a method using method-level annotations and without the SPEL expression being called for each element of the list.

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The @PostAuthorize is used for evaluating a boolean value, so the interceptor does not pass the return value to the expression, (look here). What's your method of removing the elements without checking every element? (like the @PostFilter does)

I think you don't have a choice, if you want to use Spring Security for the filtering

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Before calling evaluateAsBoolean for postAuthorize, it sets the return object into the expression handler.. We are actually able to get the entire collection in the custom SPEL expression.. the only problem being that we can't modify it. And, my problem is not that I parse each element before removing it, its that for checking each element, my custom SPEL method is being called.. I want my method to be called only once, with the entire collection delivered to it, which I can modify it... but u can't always get everything u want :) –  Daud May 14 '12 at 15:26

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