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I want to get multiple pagination on same template. I am querying 2 different models to paginate in 2 different places of a template file file. As you have guessed if I click next page of one of both pagination, both the models fetches next page values. I have done enough research and tried various solutions available online but none of them worked. May be i dint used them correctly.

I have figured out that if I can be able to set page no statically i can get it worked.

I want to set it like


I know we can set it like that. But if there is a param in url like


It is overriding the value i specified. Is there a way to get pages of numbers we gave no matter what is sent through URL?


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2 Suggestion

First, you can overwrite the page number in the URL parameters, like this

$this->request->params['named']['page'] = YOUR_FAVORITE_INTEGER;

The problem with this is that the URL on the page will still have the old :page value set, so...

The other approach is to redirect to the same controller action, but with a different page number set (or no page number set, if you like).

$this->redirect(array('action' => 'whatever', 'page' => YOUR_FAVORITE_INTEGER));

Here are the docs on constructing redirects, in case you need them:

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Even better and simpler, I used this and worked in Cake 1.3. Not sure if it will work on 2.x

In the controller:

$this->paginator['page']= YOUR_FAVORITE_INTEGER;

No detected problems, so far.

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Just had to do this for 2.x its now: $this->Paginator->settings['page'] = YOUR_FAVORITE_INTEGER; – Jake Zieve Dec 6 '14 at 1:29

Try to add :



to your controller.

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