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So, I'm using the fb.wall jQuery plugin, to display a private group's wall on my website. I've tried to use the new version, but I couldn't get it working with private groups.

My question is: How do I post a comment with the api to a post on the wall? I didn't find anything about it in the documentation.

But if you know any other PHP/JS solution I'm fine with that too.

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If the user has granted you the user_groups, read_stream and publish_stream permissions, you can access the feed from the groups that user is in and add comments to the posts on their behalf.

So, with the right permissions, access:

  • /me/groups to get a list of groups
  • /GROUP_ID_HERE/feed to see the current group content
  • Take the post ID from there
  • Add the comment to the Post by making a POST request to /POST_ID/comments
  • you'll get back the comment ID

I just tested these exact steps using the Graph API Explorer tool and it worked and posted the comment successfully

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