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I am constructing a horizontal scroll gallery that looks something like

<ul class='scroll'>
<li class='img'>
<li class...

The supporting CSS looks like:

.img {
float: left;
display: inline;

.scroll {

.img img {
    margin:5px 10px;

At the moment it works great. On load the images resize and max out at 800px height. However what is really bugging me is when I resize a window to a smaller (or from smaller to larger) the li.img does not resize with the image, meaning you are left with either huge white borders or overlapping images.

If I select the image with INSPECT ELEMENT in chrome it all magically jumps into place.

I was wondering if there was a JQUERY solution that forces the browser to redraw the LI tag on resize (like opening Inspector does) or any other ways to lock the LI to the contained IMG width?

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You could use


and call a function which calculates the correct height.

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