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I'm having a text file and I want to run a batch file which reads the entire text file and tells me the no: of occurrences of a string "PASS":

Could you pl help how to do that - I'm not able to understand the usage of tokens in BAT file.

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Maybe the findstr command will help you: Findstr Help. It doesn't print the number of occurences, but maybe you can do something with the results.

UPDATE: The Find command has a /c option, which counts the number of lines containing that string.

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The answer of Mulmoth is good and normally it should solve your problem.

But as you don't understand the tokens, I will try to explain it.

You can read the content of a file with the FOR/F command.
The FOR/F will read a file line by line, each empty line will be skip, also every line beginning with the EOL-character (default is ;).

It uses per default tokens=1 delims=<TAB><SPACE> EOL=;.
In this case you got always one token till the line end or till the first SPACE or TAB.

for /F "tokens=1" %%a in (myFile.txt) do (
  echo token1=%%a

if you want to read more tokens then you need to define it.

for /F "tokens=1,2,3,4" %%a in (myFile.txt) do (
  echo token1=%%a token2=%%b token3=%%c token4=%%d

Now the line will split into four tokens at the delimiter (SPACE or TAB) if there are less delims in a line then the tokens are empty.

If you don't want multiple tokens, or after a specific token the rest of the line you can use the *.
for /F "tokens=1,2,3,4*" %%a in (myFile.txt) do ( echo token1=%%a token2=%%b token3=%%c token4=%%d )

Now, in token4 will be the fourth token and the rest of the line.

for /F "tokens=1*" %%a in (myFile.txt) do (
  echo token1=%%a token2=%%b token3=%%c token4=%%d

In this case only one token exists (%%a) the others (%%b %%c %%d) aren't valid tokens and the text token2=%b token3=%c token4=%d will be echoed.

You could also use the delim to reduce all to only one token. for /F "delims=" %%a in (myFile.txt) do ( echo complete line=%%a )

This works, as there can only one token, as there isn't any character left to split the line into more tokens.

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