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I have a wpf control and i want to set the name to contain . When trying to do this I get an exception thrown that:

{"'Communications.WCF.URL' is not a valid value for property 'Name'."}

Im assuming this is because of the . in the name.

I cant see any other attributes I could use to store the Communications.WCF.URL value but I thought id check.

Please let me know if you require anymore information.

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A Control's name cannot contain periods as you've discovered. You could replace the periods with underscores. Or you could use the Tag attribute to store the URL. It is not unusual for the Tag attribute to be used for storing extraneous information.

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If that is how you want to name your control, you will need to change your namespace to be Communications.WCF, where URL is your control name (If I understand correctly).

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The name of a control is also the name of the object that represents the control in code. That is the reason why . (period) isn't a valid character for a control name.

Are you perhaps confusion control Name with Caption attribute?

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