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What does this PHP syntax mean: $var1->$var2
Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP?

I'm looking at a php framework's code, and now and then the symbols "->" appear... for example:


So what I would like was that someone could explain to me what "->" stands for and what is used to?

Thank you.

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In your example, $controller is a PHP object created somewhere, and permissionCheck is a function defined in that object that is being called with the variable $ret being passed to it. Check this : Reference - What does this symbol mean in PHP?

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so I'm setting a value to permissionCheck($ret) that is given by $controller ? so, basically, it's a more elaborated way to assign a value to permissionCheck($ret) ? – Bruno May 22 '12 at 23:10
Possibly, but not necessarily. Controller is an object, and contained within it is a function called permission check. That function could contain a dozen calls to a database that are also in that object , or a call to an opened API. So, in short, you're not assigning a value to anything - you are passing a value to a function. – GDP May 23 '12 at 3:29

It's used to address a function or property of a class. In this case a function of the controller class seems to be called.

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operator -> for accessing to non-static members of $controller object. In your case member is function permissionCheck

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