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#wrapper {
width: 896px;
margin: 0 auto;
padding-top: 760px;
padding-left: 48px;
padding-right: 48px;
color: rgb(60,60,60);
-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%; /* Stops Mobile Safari from auto-adjusting font-sizes */

I'm using Less Framework 4 which is working fine. The only problem is when I re-size the window down a horizontal scrollbar pops up mid-sizing then goes away. I've narrowed it down to my #wrapper DIV as once removed, everything's fine. It seems to be the width but I need a width set as the body is (obviously) 100%. Help!

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Try using max-width. That will let it shrink down below the value, but not above.

Hope that helps :)

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It worked! I could virtually kiss you! –  user1393984 May 14 '12 at 15:54
My pleasure :) On stackoverflow the equivalent of a virtual kiss would be clicking on the accept tick, and if you're really into it, give it a little bit of upvote! ;) –  will May 14 '12 at 16:11

Have you tried setting the width to 100%? What browser do you use? Note that Firefox adds padding to the width of an element. You can also try to set overflow-x:hidden to the parent of #wrapper.

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Yeah, tried that but doesn't work unfortunately! That's a workaround but not preferable as it cuts off certain content at a certain width. I'm sure there's an irregularity in my code somewhere but I just can't seem to find it! Here's my CSS file if it helps (yyy.comuf.com/style.css) –  user1393984 May 14 '12 at 15:32

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