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I'm trying to connect assetic with Twig (on Zend). It seems to work ok for debug=false, but I cannot understand what it does for development.

Basically, when calling this:

{% javascripts 'static/js/*.js' %}
{% endjavascripts %}

it outputs a list of generated javascript file names (which is nice):


but these files are not generated by writter (it only generates js/d19cc07.js). For debug=false it outputs just one file name and also renders it correctly.

So what am I missing here?

Here's how I initialize it:

    $factory = new \Assetic\Factory\AssetFactory(APP_BASE_PATH . '/public/');
    $am = new \Assetic\Factory\LazyAssetManager($factory);

    //enable loading assets from twig templates
    $loader = new \Twig_Loader_Filesystem(array());

    //Init twig
    $twig = new \Twig_Environment($loader);
    $twig->addExtension(new \Assetic\Extension\Twig\AsseticExtension($factory));

    $am->setLoader('twig', new \Assetic\Extension\Twig\TwigFormulaLoader($twig));

    $templates = array('/index/index.html'); //An array containing full paths to my templates

    foreach ($templates as $template) {
        $resource = new \Assetic\Extension\Twig\TwigResource($loader, $template);

        $am->addResource($resource, 'twig');

    $writer = new \Assetic\AssetWriter(APP_BASE_PATH . '/public/static/assetic');

    echo $twig->render('index/index.html');
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Im having the exact same problem. I don't understand how this works, since the writer does not write those "part1" files. I think Symfony handles this through a controller, but that doesn't seem right to me. And also, it is supposed to work without Symfony so... I dont know whats the purpose of this behavior. Anyone can throw some light on this? – ONe May 29 '12 at 20:07
I managed to connect using "DumpCommand" from Symfony, that required just using few components for console (which I used anyway for doctrine). That command was quite useful for me, so I didn't dig deeper on how the actual problem was solved. If you don't want to connect symfony, just check how they did it here… – Pavel Dubinin May 30 '12 at 22:03

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I ended up connecting Symfony console to my Zend project and slightly adopting DumpCommand from assetic to make this work (by passing my version of DI containter with assigned AsseticManager).

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