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I am trying to use a button as a switch. If I click on the button the value and id changes. If I click on the button again it goes back to original value and id.

Original values could look like this:

value="Show all" id="showall"

Changed to this values

value="Standard" id="default"
    $(function () {
        $("#showall").click(function () {
            $("#showall") //  change the Value text to Standard on the button
            $("#showall") // Change ID value to default on the button
        $("#default").click(function () {
            $("#default") // change value back to the original which is "Show all"
            $("#default") // change ID back to original which is "Showall"
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you should toggle a class instead of changing the id. – jbabey May 14 '12 at 15:07
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Assuming this button is within some type of <div class="container"></div> where we can handle its event (You could handle it from the body, or document as well, though that's not advised):

$(".container").on("click", "#showall, #default", function(){
  var props = === "showall" 
      ? { value:'Standard', id:'default' } 
      : { value:'Show All', id:'showall' };
  $(this).attr( props );


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don't forget the initial value of submit ;) +1 – khaled_webdev May 14 '12 at 15:05
   $("#showall").on('click', function () {
        $(this).attr({ 'value': 'Standard', 'id': 'default' });

    $("#default").on('click', function () {
        $(this).attr({ 'value': 'Show all', 'id': 'showall' });
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why would you change the ID of the button ? You could do something like that :

  $(function () {
           if($(this).value == "default"){
                $(this).value = "Show all";
                // do other stuff
           }else if($(this).value == "Show all"){
                $(this).value = "default";
                // do other stuff
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$("#showall").on('click', function() { ='showall' ? 'default' : 'showall';
    this.value = this.value=='Standard' ? 'Show All' : 'Standard';


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I know is not exactly what you are asking but if we go an step back in your question I think what you really want is to toggle between two buttons so I think is very much maintainable, understandable, intuitive and a lot of more things to just having two well formed buttons and show/hide then alternatively:

    display: none;
<button id="showall" value="Show all">Show all</button>
<button id="default" value="Standard">Standard</button>

  function toggleButtons(){
    $("button#showall, button#default").toggle();

  $("button#showall, button#default").click( toggleButtons );

Check the jsFiddle

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You should be using a class toggle instead of changing IDs.

if (that.hasClass('foo')) {
} else {
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