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I need send message on page from notification window. How to do it I have following page

     var shownotif=0;         
    Set notification permissions for this page   Show HTML Notification    /*    * Common code    */   document.querySelector('#request_permission').addEventListener('click', function() {
    window.webkitNotifications.requestPermission();   }, false);
    // see the HTML section to see the button   var url = 'index212.html';   document.querySelector('#show_html_notification').addEventListener('click', function() {
    if (window.webkitNotifications.checkPermission() == 0) {
      // you can pass any url as a parameter
        notif.addEventListener('display', function() {
      // notif.cancel();
         notif.addEventListener('click', function(g, g2) {
      // notif.cancel();
      notif.show(); // note the show()

    } else {
      alert("This page doesn't have permission to show notifications yet.");
    }   }, false);

I want to be that when user click in notification window, on "parent" send my message with my information.

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