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I have a string that looks like the following:


I only need the first two levels (e.g. Security/Flow_Setup) Is there an easier way to get this. Currently I explode the string into an array using: '/' as a delimiter and then piece together elements 0 and 1.

This works but I was hoping for a more elegant solution.

Any thoughts?

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have you seen the dirname() function? It does pretty much what you're looking for without any messy regex nonsense. (if you call it twice, in your case) –  Spudley May 14 '12 at 17:54

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I don't think you can get too much more elegant/short than this if you only need the first two pieces:

list($var1, $var2) = explode('/', $str);

Regex is totally unnecessary here.

Someone mentioned dirname in the comments, which I thought was a clever and probably appropriate idea, and very short and readable (and gets you the string you need instead of two separate parts like the code above):

$str = 'Security/Flow_Setup/Steady_State/Verification';

echo dirname(dirname($str));

// Output: Security/Flow_Setup
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This is elegant! And (at least for me) more readable. –  Frederik Wordenskjold May 14 '12 at 15:11

I believe that you do everything ok. You can try it this way if you like:

$str = "Security/Flow_Setup/Steady_State/Verification";
echo substr($str, 0, strpos($str, '/', strpos($str, '/') + 1));

(No arrays involved, should be a little bit faster)

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This seems to work better and it more readable I think. –  user1216398 May 14 '12 at 15:19

not a typical usage nor a string function, but since your string is effectively a path, maybe this would suffice...

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Best answer, IMO. It does seem awkward to use dirname on strings that aren't really paths, but who know - maybe it is one. –  Wesley Murch May 14 '12 at 19:37

Here is the shortest and most efficient one-liner I can come up with:

$firstTwoParts = implode('/', array_slice(explode('/', $str, 3), 0, 2));

This could be wrapped into a function that let's you control how many parts you want:

function first_n_parts ($str, $n, $delimiter = '/') {
  return ($n = (int) $n) ? implode($delimiter, array_slice(explode($delimiter, $str, $n + 1), 0, $n)) : '';

...so you can do:

echo first_n_parts($str, 1); // Security
echo first_n_parts($str, 2); // Security/Flow_Setup
echo first_n_parts($str, 3); // Security/Flow_Setup/Steady_State
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this regex should do it

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