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I have a model components which belongs to a main container model. The components model has many servers and services. Basically all is fine, except it renders out two of each from because in my controller I set up the fields_for with this code:


So it is clear why I am getting multiple forms, Is there a way to build the has_many relationships on one line? I have tried:



1.times { @reference.components.build.servers.build }
1.times { @reference.components.build.services.build }

Thank you


Moving the code into a block seems to work (I was just guessing)

@reference.components.build do |f|

That code is in the controller.

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The key thing is to only call components.build once, or else you'll be adding one component per call to build

For example

component = @reference.components.build

should work fine. The block form you've stumbled on achieves the same thing (I have a feeling that that was only added in 3.2, possibly one of the minor releases after 3.2)

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Hey many thanks for the response. I am still using rails 3.1.3, but thank you for your solution. That makes sense, I knew it was something of that sort I just was not sure how to get it in one go. I like the variable solution. Thanks :) –  Lsdafjklsd May 14 '12 at 15:38

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