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I'm trying to do some debugging on some Prolog code, and I have several calls to a method.

Is it possible to do a global replace within emacs so that I could create a write statement that would displace the current line in the program?

Essentially, assuming a method call X and a write statement write(some string), could I replace all the instances of




where LINE-NUMBER was obtained through some emacs call?

Please let me know if I'm not being clear and thanks in advance.

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This page has a similar example.

From it, I tried the following command

M-x replace-regexp
Replace regexp: \(word_to_replace\)
Replace regexp with: \1, write(\,(line-number-at-pos)

The replace-regexp can be heavy handed, so you must be careful with the regex you use for the pattern. M-x query-replace-regexp may be useful too, if there are not too many matches.

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Even if there are many matches, query-replace-regexp is usually just fine (! will replace them all). Note also that nowadays the preferred way to run query-replace-regexp is to start with C-s (or C-u C-s), then enter your search key incrementally, then hit M-%. –  Stefan May 16 '12 at 13:14

I think you should probably just write a script to do this.

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