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I want to find any duplicates in my google site map based on loc element.

Sample XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <urlset xmlns="" xsi:s chemaLocation="" xmlns:xsi=""> 

Sample LINQ:

            var duplicates = (from req in doc.Descendants("urlset")
                          group req by req.Descendants("//loc").First().Value
                              into g
                              where g.Count() > 1
                          select g.Skip(1)).SelectMany(elements => elements

How come duplicates returns empty?

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Your query isn't finding the elements because you didn't specify the namespace. It's also more complex than necessary:

XNamespace ns = "";
var duplicates =
    from loc in doc.Root.Elements(ns + "url").Elements(ns + "loc")
    group loc by loc.Value into g
    where g.Count() > 1
    select g.Key;
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doc.Descendants("urlset") will only ever return one element (the <urlset>).

You need to select the <url> elements:

from u in doc.Descendants("url")
group u by u.Element("loc").Value into g
from elem in g.Skip(1)    //This is the SelectMany()
select elem
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