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I want to create a Stringmap, add some values inside, and pass it some function. I've tried this :


mymap = StringMap_empty

mymap["rabbit"] = 12

function addmap(map)
        map["rabbit"] = 24

But nothing compile. I can only use stringmap througt database ! (-> database stringmap(int) /myMap )

What's wrong with my code ?

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Opa is a functional programming language. You should read this thread for more information: Opa: Iterating through stringmap and forming a new string based on it

mymap = StringMap.empty

mymap = StringMap.add("rabbit", 12, mymap)
// you can't just write StringMap.add("rabbit", 12, mymap)
// because values are by default not mutable
// the function returns the map with the new element added

function addmap(map)
        StringMap.add("rabbit", 24, map)

mymap = addmap(mymap)
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