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For one controller (only), I'd like to use an ETag value generated outside of rails caching logic, and manage 304-vs-200 responses myself. It seems that nothing I do to set the ETag header works:

response.etag = myEtag
headers['ETag'] = myEtag
render :text => myText, :etag => myEtag

Rails always uses its own version.

I know I could disable caching app-wide, but I don't want that - just want to override it in the responses for one ActionController subclass.

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you can try "fresh" read more here stackoverflow.com/questions/832035/… –  Jakub Oboza May 14 '12 at 15:41

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fresh_when, etc. didn't quite suit my needs - in my case the solution was to refuse caching via

def caching_allowed?

then set just the headers['ETag'] member on my response - setting any of the .etag options seems to cause Rails to MD5 All The Things.

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