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I have several fact tables and need engine to generate reports based on them. Excel could do it but I need to be able to:

  • Publish report on the web (it should query data each time it requested)
  • Make it configurable. i.e: I should be able to use variables provided by user

SQL Reporting Services could do it but I use java/mysql and need MySQL solution.

So it should work like that:

  • User asks me for report
  • I write code that creates fact tables periodically
  • I create report using GUI or some kind of "OLAP query language" like MDX
  • User looks at this report configuring and filtering it like "show only this country" or "only rows where this column > 15"

Do you know any?


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Have a look to icCube. That's an in-memory OLAP server following MDX/XMLA/J2EE standards (so you can connect from Excel amongst others). On top of that, we're providing a pure Javascript API which is highly flexible (have a look to our GVI tutorials or Web Reports). If you need it there's a JAVA binding for this API as well. Pivot tables, charts, filters, etc are then available.

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Here's an example of a web-based pivot table which seems to be just what you're looking for.

It was built with m-Power, which is Java-based and does let you create pivot tables (and any other application) with a GUI.

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