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I've got a file with some rather long lines, which is a pain.

I'm using :set wrap and :set linebreak, which is nice, and I've rebound a few keys from this page so that I can move up and down a visible line (rather than a physical line which has now been wrapped over 10-12 visible lines).

I use A quite a bit (append at the end of the line), but this appends at the end of the physical line, not the visible - is there a keymapping (or alternative keystroke) I can use to append to the end of the visibly wrapped line?

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You could try with g$a. g$puts you on the end of the current 'screen line' and a will leave you on insert mode.

Maybe a mapping:

nnoremap <leader>a g$a
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heh you guys are fast :) –  Raimondi May 14 '12 at 16:46

g$a - Go to the last character of the screen line, then append.

Want a mapping?

:nnoremap gA g$a
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Type g$ to go to the end of visible line and a to enter insert mode. I guess you could create a custom mapping for that.

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