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I have a WHERE-clause in my SQL-query, and would like to add an argument depending on if the @Fran variable is set.

If @Fran is NULL, then it shouldn't filter the results at all. Otherwise, if @Fran is set, then it should add a WHERE clause "AND franid=@Fran". How could i do that?

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FROM ...
AND ((@Fran IS NULL) OR (@Fran IS NOT NULL AND franid=@Fran));
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Thank you very much! Worked great! –  Anton Gildebrand May 14 '12 at 16:43
AND IFNULL(@Fran, franid) = franid

results in TRUE if @Fran is NULL (then it is essentially franid = franid) and in @Fran = franid if it is not NULL.

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