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I am developing an application using Symfony2 and twig for the templates. I am also using ajax. This is part of my code in my controller:

    public function testuaanotatuAction(Request $request)
      if ($request->isXmlHttpRequest())
       return $this->forward('AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle:Page:Interpretatu');

    // Some code.....
            return $this->render('AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle:Page:AnotatuInterpretazio.html.twig',
                                   array('Azpimarratu' => $Markagarria->getMarkIdent()));


    public function InterpretatuAction()
      return $this->render('AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle:Page:FAQ.html.twig');

And then this is my code in AnotatuInterpretazio.html.twig' were I do the Ajax call using JQuery:

<script type='text/javascript'>
          $("#ButtonId").click(function () 
                                        url: "{{ path('AnotatzaileaAnotatzaileaBundle_testuaanotatu') }}",
                                        type: "POST"

As you can see what I intend to do here is to call InterpretatuAction through the template AnotatuInterpretazio.html.twig. Then InterpretatuAction will call another template. It doesnt work, any idea?

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You need to use a .success function in your code. If you don't, nothing is going to happen

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And what do I have to do,what can I do, inside the success function? I s it really necesary? – Haritz May 14 '12 at 21:59
You should take a look at the documentation, everything is explained – romainberger May 14 '12 at 22:44

I think the problem is that JavaScript can't resolve the method path(), this method is useful only in the server side for twig.

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You can use the method path(), always that you are in a twig template (although you are in a script) inside {{ }}. It would be something similar like this:

<a href="{{ path('usuario_logout') }}">Cerrar sesión</a>

This code is part of one of my projects and it's working.

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