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I need to calculate the average among variables for the single units of my dataset. But, while doing it, I need to do not consider some values. To better explain, think like there are two units and three variables:

      V1    V2     V3
[1]   3     -2      4
[2]  -1      4      1

and you want to calculate the average by row, without considering those negative values:

=> mean(1row) = (3+4)/2

=> mean(2row) = (4+1)/2

Could anyone please give me the commands to do that in R?

Thank you so much

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Use the apply function to take the mean of each row, with the stipulation that the values have to be greater than 0.


apply(df,1,function(x) mean(x[x>0]))
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Another solution would be is.na(df) <- df <= 0; rowMeans(df, na.rm=TRUE). –  Joshua Ulrich May 14 '12 at 17:09
NA is your friend :-) . Note also that Joshua's method leaves you with a dataframe devoid of negative values should you wish to perform additional operations on your "desired" subset. –  Carl Witthoft May 14 '12 at 18:16

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