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The following steps had been performed:

  1. Setup1.msi had been built in VS2005 + WiX 3.0 (.NET Framework 2.0).
  2. Version had been installed by Setup1.msi.
  3. For the purpose of minor upgrade a Setup2.msi had been built (Setup2.msi differs from Setup1.msi ONLY in ProductVersion="")
  4. The following Patch.wxs had been prepared:

    <Media Id="1000" Cabinet="MyPatch.cab">
        <PatchBaseline Id="MyPatch" />
        ProductCode="...THE SAME AS IN Setup1.msi..."            
        <ComponentRef Id="CMP_Program_EXE" />      
        <ComponentRef Id="CMP_Desktop_Shortcut" />      
        <ComponentRef Id="CMP_ProgramMenu_Shortcut" />
  5. Patch.msp had been created with help of candle, light, torch and pyro.exe.

  6. The following command had been invoked:

    msiexec /p Patch.msp REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus

    As a result, Program.exe was updated and new shortcuts "v. 1.0.1" were created. However, old Shortcut "v. 1.0.0" remained both on "DesktopFolder" and on "ProgramMenuFolder".

    How can I make the Patch remove old Shortcut?
    Thanks in advance.

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The simplest way is not to add version to shortcut name. See Windows UX Guidelines:

Avoid putting a version number in a program name unless that is how users normally refer to your program.

Otherwise your minor upgrade has to remove the shortcut to the old version and create a new shortcut that points to the new version.

During minor upgrade, the old version does not get uninstalled, that's why the shortcut is not updated.

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Thanks Alexey, it seems RemoveFile solves the problem – user536443 May 15 '12 at 19:30

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