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In my Rails FB app, when running in the canvas, if I go to "/users", instead of GETting the index page, it POSTs and creates a new user.

That only happens when I try to access the URL directly. When I use the "List of users" link on the app, it works as expected.

Why is that?

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that's just how FB does it. They post data with each query as well.

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Facebook sends everything as POST which brakes RESTful routes. There is a way to fix it though. If incoming POST request contains signed_request parameter you can assume it was converted from GET to POST by Facebook.

Rack::Facebook::MethodFix middleware fixes the problem automagically. You can use it with something like:

# Basic usage
use Rack::Facebook::MethodFix

# Also validate signed_request
use Rack::Facebook::MethodFix, :secret_id => "c561df165eacdd6e32672c9eaee10318"

# Do not apply request method fix to admin urls.
use Rack::Facebook::MethodFix, :exclude => proc { |env| env["PATH_INFO"].match(/^\/admin/) }

or if you are using Rails then

config.middleware.use Rack::Facebook::MethodFix 
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“you can assume it was converted from GET to POST by Facebook.” – there is no “conversion” happening. Facebook loads the initial URL for a page tab app into the iframe by POSTing the contents of a form – this has been this way from the very beginning, and if an app can’t handle that, it’s the app’s fault alone. –  CBroe Nov 12 '12 at 14:15
"From the very beginning" being March 12th 2011 when change happened. developers.facebook.com/docs/canvas/post –  Mika Tuupola Nov 12 '12 at 15:18
OK, wasn’t aware of that. Still, when this question was asked, it was already in place. –  CBroe Nov 12 '12 at 15:30

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