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using this tutorial

need to make it work in my app, was on rails 3.0.7 and it worked fine, updated it to 3.1.3 and I got this error now

uninitialized constant ActionView::CompiledTemplates::Category

I would look for answers more time but now I am really short on time. I have looked into most part of google results related to this problem and no good. Need help please.


<%= f.collection_select :category_id, Category.find(:all), :id, :name, :prompt => "Select a Category" %>
or create one:
<%= f.text_field :new_category_name %>


class Tvstation < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :category
  attr_accessor :new_category_name
  before_save :create_category_from_name

  def create_category_from_name
    create_category(:name => new_category_name) unless new_category_name.blank?
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ok, just for others if they will get into this stupid things as I did, don't forget to have the category.rb in the app/models..

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
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For me, i got the similar problem in the views. My Category model is available inside namespace example

Module Financial
  class Category

When i call simply Category.get_method. It was giving same error. so that i modified into Financial::Category that solved my problem.

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