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I want to display user comments on my site and I am escaping the output using html_escape (htmlspecialchars in Codeigniter). But I also want to activate URLs in the comments using Codeigniter's auto_link function.

How can I apply both functions to the same variable/content?

<?php echo html_escape($review); ?>

<?php echo auto_link($review); ?>

I have to use html_escape, because I don't trust the user content; but I would like to show URLs entered, if possible. Note: there is no conflict between the characters in html_escape and in auto_link.

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However, if you don't trust your users, don't parse their links. Assuming your users provide insightful comments like

Free cheap drugs at

auto_link(html_escape($review)) will still parse the link.

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Accepted and upvoted. So simple, yet so far away from my brain right now--time for a day off. [removed rest of comment] – chowwy May 14 '12 at 18:33

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