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For some reason rails is not properly escaping text_areas for javascript. I am getting line breaks around text areas which leads to invalid javascript. I am using HAML and formtastic, but I thought the escape_javascript method handled the output after HAML was done with it. This is really frustrating. Please help...



$('#ajax-form').html("<%= escape_javascript render 'form' %>")


= semantic_form_for @note do |f|
  = f.input :body, as: :text


$('#ajax-form').html("<form id=\"edit_note\" action=\"/notes/123\" data-method=\"put\">\n<textarea name=\"note[body]\">
This is the note body </textarea>")

Notice the literal new line, this shouldnt be happening!

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It is actually a bug in Haml, upgrade to 3.1.6.rc.1 and you should be fine.

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I think it's a bug in Rails 3.2.3, it happened to me as well just after updating. Reverting to 3.2.2 solved it for now.

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I rolled haml back one version and it fixed the issue. – Jason Waldrip May 14 '12 at 20:06

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