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Logging is an essential debug facility. How do you use such logging functions in embedded environments? I personally program on ARM Cortex Mx microcontrollers.

I was thinking of a logging framework with a changeable backend for several Interfaces (ITM, UART,...) and customizable levels of logging.

I found A Highly Configurable Logging Framework In C++. Do you know any other projects?

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I know this question is around for quite some time, so my answer may not be helpful to the original author. But just in case somebody stumbles across it, just like I did: There is an embedded software / firmware library (www.redblocks.de) I am currently evaluating which offers a pretty flexible and lightweight logging framework. – Reinhard Schneider Nov 25 '15 at 20:05
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In embedded systems, logging is accomplished in two preferred methods: via debug / serial port and storing into memory.

The idea behind storing into memory is that it can be retrieved later using a JTAG debugger or other facilities. Use Non-Volatile memory for anything that needs to be saved after power-off.

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Well, I actually wrote my own logging system. Backend can be a debugger, serial interface, stdout or other medium which implements an abstract base class. – Razer May 24 '12 at 17:59

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