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Hey guys I'm trying to set up a quick math table and figured I can save myself some time if I created a foreign key that was the negation of two of my columns. Probably a bad idea but I think it'd be a neat hat trick.

So lets say I have a table set up like this

ID    |    A    |    B    |    C (Foreign?)
0     |    5    |    3    |   (2)

So the simple math here is


I will never need more than a single row, but I will be querying this constantly through ajax to either update A or B or get the values of A B & C for display to the end user. I COULD always return something like this too, and I'm well aware of it

ID    |    A    |    B
0     |    5    |    3

FROM `sometable`

But I figure this would be a lot of extra math on the server?

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I think you should write a before insert/update trigger on this table to emulate what you are trying to achieve.

That makes more sense and creating a foreign key for that is extremely BAD PRACTICE!

You should read this,


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Good note, I will definitely follow it, I didn't assume a Foreign Key was the appropriate method, it was just a random though. –  ehime May 14 '12 at 20:14
Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –  beck03076 May 14 '12 at 20:24

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