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I need to develop a game that runs on Android/Iphone and on Facebook (an app). I saw Unity 3d, but it has a beta version (not stable) that exports to Flash Player. What the best tool that will do the job?


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It really depends on what sort of game you're creating.

Unity3D is really worth another look if you're creating a 3D game. Others have used the Unity3d browser plugin successfully to make facebook games. Example, "Off-Road Velociraptor Safari"

Also, flash and adobe air could also be on the table for consideration

"Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 lets you publish your ActionScript 3 projects to run as native apps on iOS." -

"Android™ devices: Download from the Android Market directly from your Android device. iOS devices: AIR apps for iOS install a "captive" version of Adobe AIR; therefore, users do not install a dedicated version of AIR." -

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