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I am trying to create properties based on the method arguments. For example:

class Test{

   public function newProperty($prop1,$prop2){

   //I want to create $this->argu1 and $this->argu2 after calling newProperty method. 


$test=new Test();

Is this possible? Thanks for any helps.

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as simple as:

$this->$prop1 = 'whatever';

suppose you wanted to handle an undefined number of arguments, you could use:

foreach(func_get_args() as $arg) {
  $this->$arg = 'some init value';

On the other hand, all this is quite unnecessary as all these properties will be public and thus:

$test->argu1 = 'whatever';

would do exactly the same.

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nice to know it. Thanks a lot. – FlyingCat May 14 '12 at 19:36

Try this:

class Test{

    private argu1 = '';
    private argu2 = '';

    public function newProperty($argu1,$argu2){
        //This is a great place to check if the values supplied fit any rules.
        //If they are out of bounds, set a more appropriate value.

        $this->prop1 = $argu1;
        $this->prop2 = $argu2;


I'm a little unclear from the question if the class properties should be named $prop or $argu. Please let me know if I have them backwards.

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Ty @Surreal. Yoshi answer is closer to what I need. I need. +1 though – FlyingCat May 14 '12 at 19:37
You're welcome - glad I could help some. – Surreal Dreams May 14 '12 at 19:55

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