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I am developing a business directory website, and it has

  • Home page
  • Search Result page
  • Listing page

I am currently at the design stage and someone suggested to separate the pages/functions into different apps, eg.

  • home
  • search_result
  • listing

Is this the best practise in the Django community? Or what would you do?

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No. These sound like different views within a single business app.

You definitely don't want a new app per DetailView, ListView, or SearchView. That would quickly become confusing...

Think of what the app structure actually does: it adds database database table prefixes (appname_), splits models.py files and encourages its own views.py file and tests.py file.

The differences between the home, search_result, and listing views don't justify the above in my opinion.

If you want a directory/file structure that separates your distinct views, you could build a views directory in your app which contains individual search_result.py views... if they are long.

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