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I am trying to setup DNS records (A,CNAME,NS) for my domain. What i have:

  • The domain (example.com)
  • Two servers i would like to use as NS servers (,
  • One server i would like to use for website with subdomain (test.example.com.
  • One server i would like to use as web server, it will handle all subdomains exсept test.example.com (

My solution

"A" records:

ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A

"CNAME" records:

// all subdomains should be forwarded to local NS servers, 
// where they will be resolved to ip addresses
// (e.g. test.example.com will be resolved to
* IN CNAME example.com 

"NS" records

example.com IN NS ns1.example.com
example.com IN NS ns2.example.com

Do local NS servers really update information about subdomains really faster neither .com registry? Is it better to place most of DNS settings in my NS servers bind configuration? I mean that for .com zone i have to wait for some hours, before DNS records will be updated for everybody (because of cache). Or anyway everything will be cached for a long time?

I didn't specify @ IN "A" record, because i suppose that all information about subdomains will be placed on my NS servers. Am i right?

Thanks in advance!

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1. You have some misconception here. 2. Why you want your own DNS servers ? 3. Belongs probably to superuser or something –  Sandman4 May 14 '12 at 22:56
Really, after reading some books i understand that it is better not to have own ns servers until you really need them. This way you will have less responsibility & less chances that everything will break. –  avasin May 19 '12 at 8:29

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