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I am trying to create an interactive visualization within an android app.

The data that will be visualized will be stored locally in a sqlite database

and will be queried to generate visualizations.

I have not yet decided whether to build a native app or a web app.

Based on my research d3.js seems to fit the needs very well but i am unsure about how to

use it in a mobile environment.

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any hindsight about this yet? –  matt Jul 24 '13 at 9:29

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You can easily embed Javascript into an Android app using the WebView component or you can use PhoneGap or a similar platform. Unfortunately, before Android 3.0 the native android browser did not display svg and D3 is based on SVG, so it will not work in the android 2.3 (or below) browser. It does however work in the Firefox browser.

Another option would be to use InfoVis Toolkit in a WebView or in phone gap. InfoVis Toolkit seems to work better on Android.

I don't know of a comparable Android visualization platform, but D3, and it's predecessors Protovis, Flare, and Prefuse are all open source. You could try porting one of them to Android perhaps.

Here is a related question: visualization tool for mobile (tablet)

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Do you think there will be a problem visualizing data from local sqlite database as it is in webview ? –  user2760 May 28 '12 at 2:35

As far as I'm aware, Android apps are java only. So to use d3, you would need either a java javascript engine/wrapper (like Rhino, or apparently PhoneGap) or to just make an HTML5 application (not an Android app as such).

That link about PhoneGap seems to be about generating an app from HTML5, but you'll need to check you can include arbitrary additonal libraries.

Does it have to be an app? D3 is better suited to writing an HTML5 site rather than an app.

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