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Is it possible to modify several tables, using the merge function in Oracle? In each case different operations need to be taken, like:

MERGE INTO users tab1
USING(SELECT 1 id, 10 points FROM dual) tab2 
ON(tab1.id = tab2.id ) 
   UPDATE SET points = tab2.points 
   UPDATE "abc" = action.status -- another table
   INSERT(id, points)  VALUES(tab2.id, tab2.points) 
   UPDATE "def" = action.status -- another table
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According the the documentation, the simple answer is no. The syntax supports one table or view. However, with an updateable view, you could accomplish a multi-table insert/update.

Your example however seems to try to do something else you cannot do. The WHEN MATCHED clause specifies what to UPDATE. You cannot INSERT from this clause. Same thing for the WHEN NOT MATCHED clause - you cannot UPDATE from this clause, only INSERT.

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