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I can't figure out which part of this code is written incorrectly.

In my query string, i'm trying to collect a range of records between the values of sFrom and sTo. Basically, I want to make it so that out of all the control numbers that I collect from my database, the only ones that get displayed will be whatever the user inputs for the starting range (sFrom) and the ending range (sTo).

sQuery = "SELECT " & sFields & " FROM " & sTable &
         " Where store_id Like 'XXX'" & sFilter &
         " Where control_no > sFrom and < sTo " &
           order by " & sOrderBy
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Bobby tables!!!! –  Cole Johnson May 14 '12 at 20:17
When you have a issue like this, just write Debug.print sQuery, then copy that copy into SQL Server (Other RDBMSs are available) and execute the query - that should tell you where the (first) issue is –  Matt Wilko May 15 '12 at 15:05
If any of the answers helped solve your problem, can you accept the answer by clicking the green tick to the left of the post. If they didn't, can you provide more information on what you're trying to do and how the suggestions don't work. –  Deanna May 25 '12 at 14:03

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The best way to debug this is to see what the resultant SQL statement is and work from there.

Yours currently evaluates to something like

SELECT field, field2 FROM table Where store_id Like 'XXX'FilterString Where control_no > sFrom and < sTo order by field1
  1. You can't have multiple WHERE clauses.
  2. I expect your sFilter inclusion is very wrong, but it depends in what the exact value is.
  3. sFrom and sTo are included as literals, not evaluated (See tcarvin's answer)
  4. Each part of the WHERE clause needs to be full and complete. You can't omit the field to check (See Darrel's answer)
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" Where control_no > sFrom and < sTo "

should probably be this:

" Where control_no >= " & sFrom & " and control_no <= " & sTo

(Assuming of course that sFrom and sTo are string variables populated with the numeric input from the user)

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Hmm, also missing your line continuation characters and the order by " & sOrderBy should be "order by " & sOrderBy –  tcarvin May 14 '12 at 20:54

You can't drop the control_no before the <

sQuery = "SELECT " & sFields & " FROM " & sTable & " Where store_id Like 'XXX'" & sFilter & " Where control_no > sFrom and control_no < sTo " & order by " & sOrderBy
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I dont quite understand ? –  Garrettchap1 May 14 '12 at 20:44
  1. In Like 'XXX'" & sFilter, you have no space between X' and the next string.
  2. You have no line continuation characters at all.
  3. You have TWO Where clauses.
  4. sFrom and sTo are literal strings. You probably meant to use them as variables.
  5. You have no comparison between control_no and sTo.
  6. You have no statement between sFilter and the surrounding SQL.
  7. You have no double quotes before order by.
  8. Just as a style choice, you are not consistent in your SQL keyword capitalisation.

Now, put it all together:

sQuery = "SELECT " & sFields & " FROM " & sTable & _
         " WHERE store_id LIKE 'XXX'" & _
         " AND " & sFilter & _
         " AND control_no > " & sFrom & _
         " AND control_no < " & sTo & _
         " ORDER BY " & sOrderBy 
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